All-Occasion Cake Gallery

Baseball Auction

Aaron's 4th Birthday

Jacob Neves' Eagle Court of Honor

Endicott 50th Wedding Anniversary

2017 Neighborhood Graduation Cake

Olivia Woodward's Birthday

Zelma Woodward Birthday

Andrea Wootton's Baby Shower

Taylor Jackson Groom's Cake

Godfrey Anniversary Cake

Aaron Arroyo's Birthday

Kilee Endicott & Connor Williams Wedding Buffet

Derek Church Birthday

Jamison Woodward Birthday

Josh Adams Birthday

Mecum's Wedding Anniversary

Olivia Woodward's 13th Birthday

Don Peterson's Retirement Cake

Zelma Woodward's 90th Birthday

Fred Adams 85th Birthday

Casey Bentley Eagle Court of Honor

Jamison Woodward's 16th Birthday
(Jamison made the chess pieces)

Hayden Dobyns' Homecoming

Utah Shakespeare Festival: Adams Memorial Theatre Celebration

Rhyen Bell's Birthday

Ian & Rachel's Graduation

Olivia Woodward's 12th Birthday

Scott McClellan's Graduation

Ian Woodward's 18th Birthday

Gene Woodward's 50th Birthday

Austin Salmon's Birthday

McKenzie Clark

John Oaks' 90th Birthday

Jamison Woodward's 15th Birthday

Carol Osburn 60th Wedding Anniversary

Neighborhood Graduates

Olivia Woodward's 11th Birthday

Jamison Woodward's Eagle

The Insides!

IanWoodward's 17th Birthday

Chris Adams' Baptism

Doug Dobyns' Birthday

Hayden Dobyns' MTC Birthday

Jamison's 14th Birthday

Katie Neves & Abi Rice Sweet 16 Birthday

Addison Adams Graduates from the Police Academy

Olivia Woodward's 10th Birthday

Ian Woodward's 16th Birthday

Boston Bitaraf's 1st Birthday

Rich & Rob Brandt 30th Birthdays

Travis Rogers' Groom's Cake

Bob Washburn's 80th Birthday

Father of the Bride -- Eric Johnson!

2012 Neighborhood Graduation Cake

Olivia's 9th Birthday Cake

Meacham's 80th Birthday Cake

Emilee's Baptism Cake

Ian's 15th Birthday Cake

Eagle Court of Honor for Jaron King and Ian Woodward

Gene's Birthday

Jamison's Birthday Cake
Chocolate Vanilla Red Velvet

Kilee Endicott Birthday Cake

Utah Shakespeare Festival 50th Anniversary Cake

Welcome Home from the Army Rich!

Olivia's Baptism Cake

Amber Stuart Birthday Cake

Ian's Birthday Cake

Zelma Woodward Birthday

Marina's, Spencer's, Brandy's, and Madeline's Graduation Cake

A Groom's Cake

Moon cake

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts!

The picture didn't turn out as good, but this was one delicious chocolate cake. 

Because St. Patrick's day is the favorite holiday around here.

This is how Marina asked Trevor Robinette to Sweater Swing her senior year.

This was a groom's cake.  His dad was the one who invented the intelligel bed

Before my nephew Timothy came, everyone called him peanut, so they had a peanut themed baby shower.

Nate and Taylor's graduation/mission cake

Cowboy hat for the school's cake walk

Zelma's 80th birthday

Birthday cake for the girl's who's birthdays were during girl's camp

My niece Katie's baptism cake

Graduation 2005

My nephew Matt Lillywhite went on his mission to Iceland where sheep heads are a delicacy and he had actually eaten some.  So I made this cake for him as a joke.

Marina's fun birthday cake

Ian's "Spy" Birthday cake

My niece Jessica Archibald's wedding shower cake.  It had a "salmon" theme because she was marrying Ryan Salmon.

Olivia's first birthday 

Oliver's Hundred Acre Wood Cake

Marina's Birthday Cake

Mrs. Forsyth's birthday cake

Ian's Sorting Hat cake

Gene's birthday cake

Jamison's monster cake

Olivia's blessing

Graduation cake

Marina's art birthday cake

Mary, Leslie, and Shaun's birthday

Ian's Scooby Doo Birthday

Gene's birthday

Jamison's turtle cake

Whitney's birthday cake

Mary and Leslie Neve's blessing cake

Marina's pizza birthday cake

An Easter Lamb

Ian's Volcano Birthday Cake that exploded lava